Why LASIK Effortlessly Improves Your Summer

Summer is here, but it won’t last forever. Instead of relaxing and having fun the way you would do this time of year, why not make it extra memorable? How? By improving your eyesight for the rest of your life! LASIK can help you achieve exactly that, by getting rid of the need for glasses… Read More

3 Natural Ways To Care For Your Eyes This Season

Eyecare is an important facet of our health that’s often forgotten. But our vision is a critically important part of our lives, and preserving it should be a priority. There are plenty of things you can do for your eyesight during your day to day life. Keep reading for 3 natural ways to care for… Read More

5 Reasons To Say Goodbye To Contacts

Contacts are an amazing invention that helps people see without glasses. But as great as they are, contacts come with their own set of unique problems. Here are some of the most common frustrations that come with wearing contact lenses. 1. They Can Irritate Your Eyes If you’ve worn contacts for a long time, you… Read More

6 Reasons To Get LASIK This Spring

There are a lot of reasons to get LASIK, and there’s no better time than this spring. Keep reading for 6 reasons you should get LASIK this spring! 1. Beat the Heat: Be Ready by Summer Spring is a fantastic time of year, but summer is when most people spend their time outdoors. By committing… Read More

What Is An Implantable Contact Lens?

If you have poor vision, you likely know what contact lenses are. Contacts are transparent, indented circles made out of durable material. They are then placed directly onto your eyes to correct refractive errors. The best part, of course, is that they are all but invisible. They are a practical solution to those with refractive… Read More

Are There Vision Correction Options Besides LASIK?

If you have glasses, you have no doubt thought about options that don’t include wearing them. If you have done any kind of research on vision surgery, there is no question that you have at least heard of LASIK. This is because LASIK is incredibly popular, and for good reason. The procedure is safe, the… Read More

When Can I Travel After LASIK?

Even though LASIK is a remarkable procedure, it’s important to remember that you’ll need time to recover. This means taking it as easy as possible until your doctor says it is safe for you to resume your normal routine. But you will not have to wait around for three months to do anything. You will… Read More

3 Reasons To Get LASIK This Holiday Season

It’s never a bad time to consider getting LASIK, but the holidays are something special! LASIK can give you the priceless gift of crystal clear eyesight. It frees you from the restraints that glasses and contacts put on you. Sign up now for a LASIK consultation at Atlantic Laser Eye in Little Silver, NJ to… Read More

Can I Get LASIK If I Have Dry Eyes?

Wanting LASIK isn’t the same as being guaranteed to have it. You must be a good LASIK candidate to have the procedure. One factor that makes up LASIK candidacy is good health. This includes having healthy eyes. If you have dry eye, this will make you a bad candidate for the procedure. Keep reading to… Read More

Are You Ready For LASIK?

LASIK is a simple procedure but it still requires a lot of preparation. If you are nervous about it, doing some research can be helpful. Nothing replaces getting information from an educated professional at a LASIK consultation. Want an idea of whether you could be ready for LASIK? Keep reading to learn more about what… Read More