Woman struggling to use contact lenses

Contacts are an amazing invention that helps people see without glasses. But as great as they are, contacts come with their own set of unique problems.

Here are some of the most common frustrations that come with wearing contact lenses.

1. They Can Irritate Your Eyes

If you’ve worn contacts for a long time, you may have already gotten used to putting them in. But nobody forgets the first few times putting your contacts in.

There is something off-putting about putting something right into your eye. It can be difficult to wrap your mind around it, even if you don’t give it a second thought by now.

But this fear has some merit. If you put your contacts in the wrong way, they can cause irritation. It could even lead to infection!

2. Maintenance Pain

Speaking of properly maintaining your contacts, that can be a headache in and of itself. Having to remove and replace your contacts daily is at best an inconvenience.

At worst, maintaining your contacts is an inevitable mistake waiting to happen. How many times have you wanted to go right to sleep only to remember that you have to remove and clean your contacts?

It may seem simple, but taking your mind off of such a mundane daily task can free up your headspace. It can even be a lifestyle improvement.

3. They Can Get Expensive

The cost of using contacts really adds up over time. Between replacement pairs, solution, and miscellaneous maintenance costs, the bills add up.

Remove the cost of contacts from your budget and see how fast your savings start to multiply! Think about what you could do with your money if you didn’t have to spend it on your contact lenses!

4. They Are Easy to Lose

In order for contacts to function, they have to be small enough to fit into your eyes safely. They are also transparent, which is necessary so light can pass through them.

This is fine until one falls out and you have to spend minutes searching for it without stepping on it. If you find it again, you then have to disinfect it extensively before you can wear it again.

Wouldn’t you rather have peace of mind that doesn’t involve worrying about contacts?

5. There’s a Better Alternative than Glasses

If after reading the above you are still thinking, “it beats having to wear glasses”, then good news. Glasses are not the only option.

You have probably heard about laser eye surgeries such as LASIK. You may have even given them some thought already! Let’s see exactly how they beat out contacts.

  • LASIK will cause some irritation as you recover from the surgery, but after a few days to a couple of weeks, your eyes should be very well adjusted.
  • LASIK eyes need no maintenance outside of the initial recovery and regular checkups.
  • LASIK has a large upfront cost, but over time, not having to buy new contacts will make up for it. In fact, LASIK starts to pay for itself over time.
  • LASIK vision is always with you.

Think LASIK could be right for you? The first step to finding out if it is means scheduling a LASIK consultation. Schedule yours at Atlantic Laser Center in Little Silver, NJ!

If you’re tired of the inconveniences of contacts and glasses, LASIK could be perfect for you!