Young woman smiling after LASIK

Even though LASIK is a remarkable procedure, it’s important to remember that you’ll need time to recover. This means taking it as easy as possible until your doctor says it is safe for you to resume your normal routine.

But you will not have to wait around for three months to do anything. You will be able to incorporate most parts of your daily life back into your schedule within weeks or even days.

Everyone’s recovery timeline is different, which is why you need regular check-ins at Atlantic Laser Vision Center after. But what if you have a big trip planned to celebrate your new vision? Keep reading to find out when you can travel after having LASIK!

Don’t Plan On Traveling In The First 2 Days After LASIK

You should not plan on doing much for the first 48 hours after your surgery. The last thing you’ll want to do at this point is to go anywhere.

Your eyes are also incredibly vulnerable during this time to infections and complications. Traveling on an airplane should be avoided if at all possible. You won’t even be able to drive for at least a day.

You will also need to attend your first followup appointment during this time so the surgeon can see your progress. If all is well, you will likely be given the okay to fly.

If your vision is blurry or you don’t feel well, you should try to travel with a partner to help keep you safe. Be sure to use your eye drops to keep your eyes hydrated as the air is pretty dry inside of a plane cabin.

Wear eye shields before you fall asleep on the plane so you don’t accidentally bump them in your sleep. Most people traveling like to watch movies or catch up on their reading while flying.

If you want to keep your recovery on track, avoid these things. The best thing you can do while flying? Keep your eyes closed and relaxed.

Follow All Post-LASIK Instructions While Traveling

You will still need to follow all post LASIK instructions during your trip. This means being extremely careful with your eyes.

Don’t rub them, or let them get bumped. This means swimming, exercising, sports, or any form of heavy lifting is off the table.

Even hot tubs or chlorinated pools pose an extreme risk to your vision. You can still shower while you recover, but take care not to get water or shampoo in your eyes.

It could take up to two months before you are able to do most of these activities again. If your vacation is planned immediately after your surgery, make it a relaxing one.

You can be active after LASIK, but it takes some time to get to that point. As inconvenient as it is, you do not want to ruin your vision right after you first get it corrected.

Recovering from LASIK can be irritating, but it’s worth it for the amazing results! Every vacation you take after LASIK will be that much better with crystal clear vision!

Ready to have gorgeous, hassle-free vision on your next vacation? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Atlantic Laser Vision Center in Little Silver, NJ! LASIK could be the solution you’ve always wanted if you’re tired of a life of glasses and contacts daily!