Patients who are looking for a safe, effective, and long-term solution for vision impairment are most likely to get the results they desire from laser vision treatment. LASIK surgery alters the shape of the cornea in order to address the most common types of vision impairment, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. While traditional LASIK surgery is able to provide patients with superior vision correction, Dr. Daniel Goldberg provides his patients with an even greater degree of precision and safety by offering custom Wavefront LASIK. When it comes to traditional vs. custom Wavefront LASIK, our Monmouth County patients should consider the increased advantages provided by our custom, all-laser vision correction surgery.

Traditional LASIK

Traditional LASIK was one of the first laser surgeries to provide patients with the opportunity to permanently alter the eyes in order to correct vision impairment. By examining the eyes for abnormalities, plans can be made to alter the shape of the cornea to treat common, lower-order aberrations. These include the most common forms of vision impairment, such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

During a traditional LASIK surgery procedure, a small blade or laser is used to create a flap on the surface of the patient’s cornea. This flap is then lifted so that the excimer laser can access the deeper layers of the cornea. The laser will then be used to make the necessary alterations to the curvature of the cornea so that light can be properly focused, thus improving a patient’s vision.

Custom Wavefront LASIK

Traditional LASIK has proven highly successful for many patients, but Dr. Goldberg offers patients custom Wavefront LASIK because it offers an even greater level of control and precision. This is an all-laser procedure that makes alterations based on Wavefront technology, which is a 3D mapping of the eyes. With this mapping, laser technology can be used to make precise and specific alterations to the shape of the cornea. This allows patients to correct not only common, lower-order aberrations, but also more complex, higher-order aberrations, something that is not possible with traditional LASIK.

The custom Wavefront LASIK surgical procedure is similar to traditional LASIK, but the major difference is that it is an all-laser procedure. Rather than creating the corneal flap with a bladed instrument, Dr. Goldberg is able to use a laser. This increases the safety of the LASIK procedure and may reduce the risk of flap complications. Below are some additional advantages that are provided by the custom Wavefront LASIK procedure:

  • Wavefront LASIK offers a greater chance of achieving 20/20 vision or greater
  • Wavefront LASIK reduces the chance of patients losing their best-corrected vision
  • Wavefront LASIK reduces the risk of permanent glares or halos
  • Wavefrong LASIK increases the chance that patients will be able to permanently eliminate the use of corrective lenses

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Custom Wavefront LASIK is the most superior form of laser vision correction. If you are looking to treat vision impairment and would like to learn more about this advanced technique, schedule an appointment with Dr. Daniel Goldberg at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!